Autumn in Dreamy Last Light at a Couple’s Session

Okay, so I’ll start off by saying I’m a massive people watcher. I originally got into photography because I think people are absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes I’ll laugh because people and their tendencies are also hilarious, but it’s all in good fun (who doesn’t do that though, right?). Anyway, I’ll be honest, Minnie + Erik were totally a couple that I “happened upon” one day. I met Minnie while drinking a beer at The Common at The Forks. If I’m being honest, I thought she was cute as a button and I just HAD to take her photo.

Yeah, I’m the creepy person that says that to people. Thankfully I didn’t need to be full-on creepy because it turned out that the friend I was with actually knew her, so was able to ask questions like “are you dating anyone?” without it seeming like I was hitting on her (LOL).

Dreams as Pure as Your Evian Water

Sure enough, I found out Minnie was dating Erik (also cute as a button) and this entire night was all my dreams minus the mountains (because all my dreams involve mountains and crystal clear lakes, let’s be real). They rolled up lookin’ all cute in their truck and hopped out looking PERFECT. Minnie, the way she is, instantly proclaims “THIS IS NOT WHAT WE ARE WEARING BUT I HAVE LOTS OF OPTIONS!” Who is this girl and how did I get lucky enough to find her!?

First of all, everything they were currently wearing was perfect. Second of all, the amount of options she brought for both her and Erik made my heart melt! All of it was completely their style and their look, but I got the opportunity to mix and match them the way I wanted to based on location and light.

So, #ProTip for you babes: bring options. Sometimes we change locations and you blend into your background, sometimes the light changes, or the sun peaks behind the trees and it gets a bit colder; options are a good thing. Plus, options make the entirety of your shoot a lot more interesting because then it feels like you have SO many more images within your gallery! AKA you don’t have to feel bad about posting a gazillion images on Instagram (and tagging your photographer J) because the images don’t look the same!

That Sweet Connection

The entire night was a goofy mess of laughter and chasing light. Minnie + Erik are the kind of couple that you connect with instantly, they were easy going and fun-loving. Completely down for all of my wild ideas and goofy prompts. They were full of movement and laughter, which I absolutely LOVE (if you couldn’t tell). My style is all about carefree lovin’ on your best friend and basically pretending like I’m the third wheel that doesn’t exist. Minnie + Erik killed that vibe.

They were down for tossing Minnie up in the air while attempting the Dirty Dancing lift and for someone who was “nervous in front of the camera,” Erik was a huge fan of doing impromptu adorable things with Minnie like swinging her around his back or twirling her in the sunset or throwing her over his shoulder in a field of brown grass.

Another Episode of:  #CommunityOverCompetition

Fun fact, my dear friend and crazy talented photographer, Krista Hawryluk came along for this ride. This was actually the first night we officially met! We had this cute little date planned at Pineridge Hollow to FINALLY meet after months of becoming besties over the old IG. I swear, babes, Instagram is the best network ever for developing really awesome business connections in this industry. I’ve even made friends as far as Edmonton! Check out Carley of Chasing Dreams Photography, I’ve yet to meet her, but I love her and her passion so much! I’m hoping for an April meet ‘n’ greet if I can get my butt out there for my birthday weekend!

Anyway, as soon as I found out what date worked the best for Minnie + Erik, I jumped at the opportunity. Sunset shoots are my thing because I love the dreamy golden light that peaks through the pine trees. I kind of had a hunch that Krista would be totally chill with us collaborating together and making some magic happen with Minnie + Erik so I texted her about the change of plans. She basically responded in graceful Krista fashion with a, “ARE YOU F*$%ING KIDDING ME! YES!!” She’s the best.

Minnie, Erik + Krista, you made my heart come alive during this Autumn’s sunset. Thank-you a million times for giving me your time and your love. You have become very dear to my heart and I can’t wait to work with you (all) again!

xx. Caitlin