Prairie Sunset Wedding – Katie + Steven

Katie came to me and told me about the disappointment she held over her wedding day. She was disappointed in her original wedding images (I should preface that the original images were not taken by me) and her wedding was so filled with stress that when she looks at the images, she remembers nothing but the frustrating and anxious experiences she had on her wedding day.

She came to me in hopes that we could re-live her wedding in the smallest way together. She asked if she could hire me for a “day after” session…. a year later. So, about one-year after her and Steven’s wedding, we planned a whole styled shoot for her out in Birds Hill Park. The florals that Tatiana from Oak and Lily designed were perfect, as always, but the weather was not.

Through the Storm

I kid you not, Katie pulled up for the shoot as I was just finished putting everything in it’s place. Thankfully, she stayed in the truck because Steven wasn’t quite there yet; within minutes, it started raining very suddenly. I’m not talking about a nice rain shower here, I’m talking torrential, soak you to the bone in a minute rain. I was devastated. We had already rescheduled this shoot from a month prior due to heavy rain all day and now here we were, ready to go; Katie in her pretty dress, with her hair and make up all done and it’s flipping raining. What in the wooooorld. I jumped in with her and let her know that we would wait. We would simply wait for the storm to pass.

And it did.

The real amazing thing here? It stopped perfectly at the time we were scheduled to start and it started again right as we got in our cars to drive away after the shoot. It was the perfect window of time and we ended up getting that gorgeous, after-the-storm, sunset light. I could not have written the night better myself.

The First Look

We staged a second “first look” for Katie + Steven. They got ready for the shoot separately to keep everything a complete surprise. Though Steven already knew what Katie looked like in her dress, I loved that they wanted to do this over again; it was like they were pressing reset on their wedding day. Just the two of them in the forest together, seeing each other like it was the first time. It was surreal, intimate, and beautiful. Steven may have been more nervous about the photos than seeing his wife but nevertheless, it was sweet and thoughtful to re-live their first look.

An Extravagant Evening

We headed deeper into the forest to enjoy some freshly roasted s’mores, served by Folk + Fire. It was very romantic and equally as tasty! If you’re looking for a totally unique way to celebrate with your guests, look into having these gourmet s’mores gals cater your wedding! They’ve got quite a few options for you including a roasting service (pictured) or wedding favours!

The rest of the evening was spent wandering through the trees as Steven + Katie exchanged the sweetest words and remembered their wedding for what it’s meant to be: a perfect union of two people saying yes to standing beside one another forever. It was so sweet to visibly watch them fall more in love as the night progressed.

As we made our way through the woods, the trees broke and revealed a stunning field with the tallest brown grass. It was late autumn so the colouring was so subtle and beautiful. There was a fog that covered the field and I can honestly say that myself and Folks Films stopped for a minute just to take in all the beauty that surrounded us! The weather absolutely ended up in our favour.

Just Some More Community Bragging

Folks Films jumped on board with this one purely because I love them and asked them if they’d like to work with me! I fell in love with this brother/sister powerhouse team the minute I saw them last year at the Wonderful Wedding Show. Their work is so unique, raw, and pure; they are wholly devoted to their passion and really capture the emotion of a couple’s love for one another. I am constantly inspired by these two. I love meeting new people in this industry and working with them as soon as I possibly can; Laina and Taylor are an absolute dream to work with; their relaxed attitude and attention to detail make them so wonderful to collaborate with. It was so incredible to have the honour to work alongside them for this shoot and I learned a ton from them as we moved around with Katie + Steven.

Pro-tip and more #CommunityOverCompetition because I love promoting people I love: Laina is also an incredibly talented photographer and artist. Like okay, I’m actually obsessed with her (and she knows it, so this isn’t a weird thing to post on my blog). But for real; check out her work here because she captures everything in such a raw, emotional way. Laina, you’re a beauty.

xx. Caitlin