I’m your newest third wheel.

My heart is utterly in love with how much we can love and be loved on this Earth. I aim to shoot with that very statement in mind and you have your own love story that deserves and needs to be told. I don’t want to shoot just to shoot and I refuse to create FOR but I choose to create WITH. These images are more than just pretty pictures, they’re your love story unfolding. These images are a testimony to how deep and how great your love for each other is.

What makes a photo GREAT is not my ability to find the perfect lighting or the perfect backdrop; it’s the way the image makes you feel and that’s all about your connection with each other. I will help create space for you two to simply be you. It’s about adventure, spontaneity, and the unexpected. I’ll direct and encourage, but I won’t stage anything because I want you two to create that magic together. I’ll stand back and capture the beauty of it all.

I want us to come out at the end of this all with a single goal in mind: that you have fallen more, insanely in love with each other than you were before the experience. Let every kiss be slow and every moment be stolen; remember your story together and get lost in it.

These photos are your legacy. Whatever your journey, it demands to be remembered for the ages.

Western Canada Wedding Photographer


Weddings starting at $3,200

Couples starting at $350

Families starting at $450

I would love to put together a customized package for you.
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When will we receive our images?

I know how flipping excited you are to receive your images and I don’t want to leave you waiting! If you’re waiting for wedding images, I’ll always have them delivered to you within 6-8 weeks of your date with a few sneak peeks along the way! If you’re waiting for your engagement, family, or portrait images; I’ll have them delivered to you within 2-3 weeks with a few sneak peeks too!

All images are high resolution and free of watermark so you can print away! My wedding packages receive a beautifully engraved wooden USB with all your images and all other sessions are presented with an online gallery that you can download from.

How many images do you include?

Each package I offer varies. The longer I shoot; the more images you’ll receive! However, I don’t like giving a “hard number” that I will deliver to you. I promise to capture your memories in completion and deliver a wide variety of images you will love and cherish!

How do payment schedules work?

For wedding photography, a signed contract with a 30% (non-refundable) retainer is required to secure your date in my calendar. The remaining 70% is then due two months prior to your event date.

Please note: in the event that you are the first to express interest in a date in my calendar and a contract has been sent out to you, that date is “penciled in” as yours. However, once the same date is inquired for, I will let the couple currently holding a contract know that their date has been inquired for. The couple who has inquired thereafter will be made aware that a contract has been sent out for review. Once all parties are aware of the current status of the date, the date will be reserved, based on the above parameters, on a first come first serve basis.

All other sessions require a signed contract to secure the date and payment is due, in full, two weeks prior to your date.

Do you retouch, edit, and photoshop images?

I always deliver fully edited images that I edit with my presets. I find a lot of joy in the post-processing and it’s what makes these images finished off with my “signature.” The care and effort that goes into each image is massive and it’s the behind the scenes work of a photographer that people don’t get to see us do! That’s also why we really stress that our images are not further altered with filters, cropping, etc. once you receive them.

In regards to retouching, I believe that there are so many things that make us unique and beautiful. If there are blemishes that aren’t usually there, I’ll generally remove those (Don’t worry about that pimple that showed up the morning of, if it’s noticeable in your images, I’ll make it disappear. So you can carry on being carefree and flawless).

In terms of Photoshop, I will not make you thinner, taller, or give you a booty that’ll break the internet. You are perfectly you and I don’t want to change a single thing about that! But if you want to be in space riding a giant space kitten or something sweet then ya… I can probably do that.

What do we wear for photos?

I’ve got a guide that covers what to wear! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Do we pay for you to travel outside of winnipeg?

Travel is discretionary and based on circumstance and distance. I typically charge mileage outside of 90km travelled and lodging may apply if distance travelled is further than 140km.

Please reach out to me so we can discuss travel rates!

What if we need to cancel/reschedule our shoot or wedding?

If you’ve already put a retainer down on a date then have to reschedule or cancel your date, the retainer is legally, non-refundable. A new retainer and contract will need to be agreed upon in order to hold your new date (should it be available).

What if there’s bad weather?

Bad weather happens, we unfortunately can’t expect Mother Nature to give us the perfect photography settings 365 days a year. I typically encourage shooting in the elements because it’s so raw and beautiful in its own way. But also, sometimes it’s totally unbearable for everyone involved (and I could wreck my gear). If it’s your wedding day, I suggest having a “rain plan” for photos. We will do our best to work with the weather, but if it’s completely awful and we can’t get the time we need, my contracts include a “weather guarantee” clause that states if the weather on the wedding day should prevent 75% or more of the outdoor locations, you’re entitled to a (no charge) one-hour day after session. The session must take place within Manitoba and within six months of the wedding and will be based on my availability!

If it’s an engagement or portrait session that is outdoors, I’m super flexible! I’m happy to reschedule to another date.

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been doing photography since 2011 when I took a film class in University! I have been specializing in wedding photography since 2017.

Do you shoot family/senior portrait/maternity/etc.?

Yes! Please inquire about availability through my contact form.

Do you shoot newborns?

I would love to capture you and your little family together. If you are looking for a lifestyle shoot in your home, with little prompting and just enjoying your new life together; I’m your girl! However, if you are looking for imagery with cute wraps, props, etc. I am not the photographer for you. That kind of photography takes a very special talent and if this is what you’re seeking, I’d suggest heading over to my friend Amanda at She’s amazing and loves little babes!